Saturday, February 20, 2010

Jools Watsham's Developer Diary: Making Some Great Progress

Saturday, Feb 20, 2010: We got the creative brief for Red. Yes! Now we can geek out on all of the yummy details and create our proposal for the game. We have until the beginning of March to submit our proposal. Like I mentioned before, this is a huge license with a huge publisher, so I'm not going to be able to say much about it without being sued and subject to public embarrassment. Sure, I know I am already subject to public embarrassment each time I add anything to my blog, but that is just something I have to live with. :) Regardless of what happens with this project, and whether we get it or not, this project is going to be great. The publisher is setting it up for success, which is very encouraging.

Spirit is progressing really well. We're wrapping up the demo this weekend and sending it off to publishers next week. We have focused on a combination of core gameplay and presentation. It is important to present something which provides fun gameplay as well as something that looks professional and coherent. I think everyone will be surprised when they find out what we're working on; it is very different from what we've developed before.

Still waiting on feedback for Stars, Crew, Jack, Face, and Shapes.

I don't think I'll be going to GDC after all. It is best for me to stay here and focus on creating proposals and working on Spirit.

Hope you're having a great day. TTYL.



  1. Great news about Red I hope you guys get it.

    Jools, is there some way we can talk to you about things that are off-topic of your lastest entry? For instance, Southpeak is now saying that Dementium 2 is pushed back to May.

    I really like the new blog set up, but the one thing I like more about your YouTube set up was that the comments sections was more like a message board where we could actually talk to you about things that may or may not have been in your current video. Is there some way for us to submit questions or comments that do not pertain to your recent blog entry?

    Oh yeah, and do you know anything about Dementium 2 being pushed back to May?

  2. Yes, I also want to know!
    Is it true?
    I don't hope so >:(

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  4. Ha. Good joke^^
    The second delay of Dementium II is not a "great progress" -,-

  5. It isn't a joke. In the comments for SouthPeak's youtube trailer for Dementium 2, "SoutherPeak2" said it got pushed back to May 2010.

    As for the "great progress," it still applies. Renegade Kid has fully completed their work on Dmentium 2. The "great progress" was referring to the projects that they are currently working on. Dementium 2's delay in publication isn't because of Renegade Kid; for whatever reason, Southpeak is dropping the ball.

  6. Um, it is "SouthPeak2," I don't know how the "er" got tagged on to the end of "south."

  7. I know. I saw that comment too.
    Sorry that I got mad... I'm just angry about the release dates ;(

    P.S.: Congratulation for the progress^^
    And sorry because the second delay of Dementium II :(
    And maybe if the time allows you, you can upload a Dementium II demo or something like that on the DSi store. Just an idea.

  8. Glad to hear RED is coming along for you guys...Metal Gear DS maybe??...HMMMMM..LOL. A man can dream right?...I agree with Daniel though..a demo would be cool of Dementium 2. Untill then, I hope Southpeak can pull things together for you guys.Now here is a list of my demands!..Your are to develop the next Metroid Prime Hunters, Moon 2,Metal Gear DS, Doom DS and Turok DS...after all,you are the Best!...LOL!

  9. I just got word from SouthPeak; Dementium II has not been further delayed. The release date for Dementium II is still April 20, 2010. Hoorah!

  10. Thanks so much for the confirmation, Jools. And I agree with Wunderweazel75, if anyone was going to make a Turok DS, I would hope you guys got the job.

  11. AWSOME!...Great to hear brother!..(as the whole DS world breaths a sigh of relief) LOL